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We install a new tire, cover a bike tube with kit, adjust your brakes and also replace a flat tube with new one.


We will teach you about how to make the prime repairs as well as adjustments to your bicycles.


We will get you to know fundamental bicycle maintenance and repair skills, if you plan to conduct a bicycle tour.


We provide you a good book that covers everything you want about a complete bicycle patch-up and care.

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Ride is Cheaper than therapy

We are a friendly bicycle tour operator and expert in caring the bicycle touring services. Our dedication and enthusiasm to cycling has directed us to proposal and establish the cycling trips all around our regions. What we actually provide is:

  • Scheduling and group of a bicycle trip
  • Vital in comfort and generosity for cyclists
  • Belongings and medical insurance
  • Bicycle and repair kit

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You will discover all kinds of resources for hiking & backpacking.


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You will discover routes, tips and guides for bicycle touring.


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We bring you unlimited access for thousands of cyclists.


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With this subscription, you will obtain latest bike training tips.

Cycling and Gambling

You may think that cycling and gambling at Casino7 do not go together, but they can, and they have for years. Gambling is a risky business to be in, but a certain amount of risk is involved when you place your bet on something as intangible as a horse race, the lottery, or a soccer game. When people bet on cycling, they are taking a gamble just like the ones who place their bets on other types of sporting events, and in the same way. One can only speculate what the future holds for cycling, but one thing is for sure, there is a great deal of money being wagered on the sport each year.

As you can imagine, with this high level of money at stake, there are a lot of people interested in getting involved in the business of betting on cycling events. As it turns out, there are an unlimited amount of people interested in making money off of cycling events. In order to be able to make money from betting on cycling, you need to know a little bit about the sport itself. In order to do that you need to do what all sports bettors do. You need to learn a little bit about the history of the sport itself.

One of the first things that most people who bet on cycling will tell you is that the sport is all about skill. The more you know about the sport, the more you will learn to spot the cyclists who are good at what they do, and the bets that you place will reflect that skill. There are a number of resources available to the person who wants to learn more about the history of cycling, including websites run by professional cycling bettors. These websites are full of information, and they have some pretty interesting facts and figures about the sport that you might not otherwise find anywhere else.

In addition to the information found at these websites one also has the option of using another kind of resource. This other resource is the world of cycling news. Just about every major newspaper in the world prints some sort of piece about cycling and gambling, and these pieces are usually written by sports writers who have been well read in the sporting world and are familiar with the players and the races. Because the sports writers who write these pieces have such a deep understanding of the sport it’s no wonder that they have such good information at their disposal. The problem with some of these pieces is that many are written in haste and have very little information to back them up. One needs to exercise a bit of patience when looking through these pieces, but it can be done.

In addition to this, betting on cycling has turned into a lot more than just betting on individual teams. Betting on the entire season is now big business, and some of the larger betting companies have taken up the business and created what are called soccer betting markets. These soccer betting markets allow you to place a wager on any international soccer match, or even just a group of games. The way that you place your bet reflects your knowledge of the game itself, and because the betting markets are international you don’t even have to worry about which country’s team is playing in which country.

The combination of the popularity of the sport, the large sums of money that can be made, and the fact that it is a very visible sport means that there is a great deal of money involved. The question then becomes, how do you avoid getting cheated? The simple answer is to arm yourself with as much information about the game as possible. Start by reading up about cycling or have a look at this betano read, and by following the advice in this article you should soon be able to build up a solid knowledge about this fascinating sport.

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Congratulations on your bicycle touring and service. I always keep following your update. Keep informing and sharing your great story of your touring organization and also releasing picture. It encourages a lot! Your bike tour guide was very useful for beginner bicycle travellers.
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