Mountain Biking Accessories

When you’re first getting started with mountain biking, it can be a little tricky when you walk into a bike shop to buy your starting mountain bike and look at every add-on on offer you need when you first start riding.

There are many mountain biking add-ons and related items that you can purchase. While salespeople will try to offer whatever they can, the real thing for those on a budget isn’t cool, but it’s exactly what you need to make your trip much more enjoyable and risk-free. At first with this add-on, you’ll be fine when you venture down the trails.

Bicycle helmet

A bicycle helmet (one could argue) is the most important mountain biking accessory you can buy. No one should ever ride a bicycle without head protection. There are already some individuals who have experienced serious head trauma, at which time it can be avoided by wearing head protection. All mountain bike helmets are comfortable and stylish and everyone riding on the trail should wear them.

Mountain bike gloves

No matter what period you ride, your hand can take a beating. Beginners will usually keep a death grip on the handle rod, which can get really hard on their hands. When you clear, your hand will be the starting thing to strike the ground – and everyone falls down at some point. Mountain bike gloves are a must have accessory, as they will take a beating for you.

Mountain bike shorts

After a few initial rides on the mountain bike you take, you will notice that your back side will hurt a lot. Even though your body will adjust accordingly, bike shorts are fantastic to have because they will help keep pain to a minimum. You can get shorts that are really comfortable, making them an excellent addition to your mountain bike ride.

Mountain bike shoes

Depending on the type of pedal you have and the kind of ride you are doing, you will want to choose your mountain bike shoe accordingly. If your bike has a clipless pedal type, you’ll want to get shoes to accept special cleats for your pedals. Great mountain bike shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and have a stiff sole for better performance while pedaling. Likewise, you have to make sure you get the right shoes for the terrain you will be riding on as well.

Eye protection

You can go off the trail in seconds if you end up with something in your eye. Sunglasses or clear lens glasses can help keep your eyes protected from debris

and protect them from the wind. Make sure they are unbreakable when you buy your glasses.

Hydration equipment

Having a canteen or hydration pack with you is definitely a very good idea. It is so easy to become dehydrated so you should always carry water with you and consume it on the trail to ensure that your body remains appropriately hydrated at all times.

Cycling repair kit

If you don’t carry the right repair kit for your bike, it’s easy to get stuck in the bush or on trails. To be on the safer side, bring a multi-tool designed for bicycle repair, tire blades, and patch kits for dealing with flat tires. Of course you will need a bicycle air pump to inflate your tire tubing after you have repaired it.

Jim Barker