Cycling Tours Tour De France – Route Navigation Guide

It is very important to check every available navigation option for the route you choose to travel. The advanced planning will certainly allow you to experience your best.

There are many cycling routes around the world and when planning a bicycle tour every rider must follow some general rules. This route navigation guide will certainly help you get the most out of your cycling tour in France.

Traditional Maps

If you are planning a bicycle tour that falls outside of the mainstream touring routes and want to create a more tailored route for the journey, the best option is to plan the trip using a set of traditional road maps. These maps are easy to carry and are readily available in the market.


The easiest way to plan a bicycle tour is with the help of a bicycle tour guidebook. These guidebooks are especially helpful for tour de France cycling tours, as they not only provide detailed maps of the area, but also have turn-by-turn directions, essential GPS coordinates, information on dining centers and toilets along the way, etc. These manuals are easily available and very useful to carry.

Online Maps

Using Google maps, one can easily track the destination and have clear navigation routes. One of the best features about Google maps is that it comes with speaking aid to guide directions easily. However, if you want to make sure the route is bike friendly, there is an option right away and google maps will suggest the best alternative for bike travelers.


GPS is indispensable for bicycle tours because it is useful. It is used not only for route navigation, but also for maintaining statistics about daily trips, marking points of interest, geo-tagging photos, etc. The easiest way to use GPS for route navigation is to create GPS route coordinates online and then upload those coordinates to your personal GPS device.

Google Earth

This is a tool with a detailed map of the earth created by superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographic information systems. One can easily map routes, view 3D representations of historical buildings around the world, and can even have access to preview routes to take on a bicycle tour.

Jim Barker