Cycling Munich: The Best Way to See the City

Once you ride enough bikes, go very slowly. Cycling should be one of the best ways to get around a new city, or even as a new way of seeing one you may know well. When visiting a place, it can be a pretty tiring walk from one site to the next – but cycling is different – sure, you may still need to rest, but the fact is you can be better suited if you do it by bike. Munich is an excellent city to participate in organized cycling tours and has a company profession that specializes only in this. If you don’t have the time to research your own travel plans, a concierge at a good hotel, such as the Hilton Munich City, can definitely provide you with the information you need.

Biking in and around Munich

While it is possible to rent a bike and see the city at your time, it can be very profitable to participate in a guided cycling tour. Like many of these specialized tours, the groups are kept a manageable size and the guides are intelligent and entertaining people who can really help you see the city in a way that you can only experience yourself.

Cycling in Munich

Some of the major companies that offer city cycling tours include Mike’s Bike Tours, Radius Tours, and Lenny’s Bike Tours. Each of these companies provides cycle rentals and safety equipment and a full complement of specialty tours including anything from major sites to haunted buildings, all in English. Additionally, tours to major sites outside of Munich can also be specially booked or arranged with one of the guides.

It is also possible to simply rent a bicycle with your own bicycle one of the many roads into the countryside around town. In some cases, bikes can be delivered to your hotel, and whether it’s a hostel or the Hilton Munich is a great place to cycle. Cycling in a new city is a fun way to get ground breaking and cover a lot of ground at the same time.

Jim Barker